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unified desktop
360 degree view of customer
workflows & automations
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omni channel routing
email, voice, live chat, social media

multi mode dialing
lead sync
intelligent outreach
automated bucketisation
smart reminders
skill / language based agent allocation

drive contextual conversations on customer-preferred channels. Our omnichannel solution provides enhanced omnichannel customer service and support on a single platform. Our platform boasts of inbuilt support of most popular interaction channels- Voice, SMS, Email, Webchat, Mobile App, Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Social Messengers- Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, and WhatsApp.

experience unmatched call quality, intelligent routing and advanced voice features to improve your CSAT rate dramatically with our customer service solution. Our solution provides awe-inspiring customer experiences for every Agent-Customer interaction. Our focus is to provide a customer service technology that resonates with our customer-first culture.
Omni channel software